Guizhou Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co.,Ltd

Dongshan Laowangpo,Gantang Industrial Park,Duyun City,Guizhou Province,China
922 Xian Dao Qiannan Buyizumiaozuzizhizhou Guizhou Sheng 558000 CN

Guizhou Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co.,Ltd is one of professional black tea manufacturers and suppliers in China, specializing in high quality tea products made in China, including black tea, kungfu black tea, green tea, green tea slices, red tea, broken black tea, black tea powder, and tea-related black tea cups. The company has built 3 production plants covering 15,000 square meters, a production line which can produce 200 tons of high quality black tea annually, and there are a production plant covering 15,000 square meters in process, including a tea food production line, a tea powder production line, a tea handicraft production line, two automated black green tea production lines for primary processing and refined processing respectively and a center for scientific testing and research development. The products are currently mainly exported to European and American markets, Middle East countries, Southeast Asian markets and a small part of the African market. Welcome to contact us for a quote, price list and free samples.

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Dongshan Laowangpo,Gantang Industrial Park Duyun City,Guizhou Province,China 0 km
Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd established in Nov. 8th, 2011, has became th...
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